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Fischer Homes was very responsive to our concerns and we were able to work things out with them to both our satisfaction and theirs. It was refreshing to see and work with an organization who listens to their customers issues and work on resolving them to everyone's satisfaction. I've asked for this complaint to be removed as everything has been resolved but in the meantime, we'd like everyone to know we were very pleased with Fischer's response to our issues.

Original review posted by user May 14, 2012

DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT purchase a home from Fischer Homes.They will lie to your face and go back on their word.

And especially DO NOT purchase a home from Kristin Collins at Margies Cove in Grove City Ohio. Long story short (although I'm more than willing to elaborate so if you'd like all the details please message me), my husband and I purchased a new home from them. We provided them with a modest deposit for holding the lot, etc. and we were assured by Kristin (on multiple occasions) that we would receive our deposit back from them as long as we did not sign off on final selections.

A few personal changes occurred and we needed to cancel building our home. We DID NOT sign off on final selections yet we've been told we will not receive our money back even though this was what was promised to us. Even as recent as this evening, I was told by Bill, Kristin's manager that Kristin told him that she never said that. Kristin knows that she told my husband and I (again, on multiple occasions) that we would be returned our money as long as we did not sign off on our final selections.

I informed Bill that I would be going public with this story on Facebook, twitter, the better business bureau, angies list, yelp, etc. if we were not returned our money. He stated that they do not respond to threats and that he was fine with me posting this information across the web (I have to wonder if his boss was comfortable with the fact that he okayed me posting this message and many more). I also stated that I was shocked that they would rather have this bad press out there than return our money.

They must badly need the small amount we gave them. Therefore, with Bill's ok, I plan to make this a very public statement and warn all consumers. If you are considering purchasing a home with Fischer, you really shouldn't. They will lie to your face, they will go back on their word, and they will call you a liar on top of it (as he told me, he believes what Kristin is telling him which is basically saying, he doesn't believe what I'm saying).

Since my above complaint, Fischer Homes is unwilling to do anything and we've posted on every social media site imaginable including filing a complaint with the BBB and the local media outlets.

Fischer Homes has now removed my post from their Facebook page a couple of times and have now even blocked me from their site.What a joke of a company and I want as many people as possible to know they should NEVER buy a home with this company!!!


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I just got off the phone with Bill. I left the conversation with the feeling he basically was calling me a liar too. I am blown away.


Moved into a new Fischer Home in June 2017.Sales person told us a lot of things that weren't true and they showed ZERO flexibility and cited the contract at all times...even for things as simple as changing a lighting fixture...that I was willing to pay more for.

Then came time for the 90 day warranty work...well that didnt go well. Not a lot of issues on the list (we will have more at 12 months due to awful corner construction). We scheduled a day for the work to be complete....they canceled the DAY OF via EMAIL. My wife and I both work....costing us a day's vacation for their failure to plan.

Another day scheduled...well the carpet people showed up and stated that they didnt realize what was involved and they couldn't do the work. The Fischer homes rep that was to look at a few things never showed. Another wasted day. When they finally came out the last time they fixed a few things, but it seemed like it was their reps full purpose to try to find a reason why they shouldn't have to fix some items.

The house and floor plan are very nice.

The salespeople are shady and the construction and warranty reps do not value your time nor do they care to fix the issues. I will never buy from Fischer in the future and will direct everyone I know to stay far away.

We spent way too much $ on this house for them to act like used car salespeople.

Please save yourself a lot of time, $, and frustration and stay away.


I toured Fischer model homes this afternoon and have read about 50 reviews this evening - 95% are nehative.Your review (and retraction) have made me decide this isn’t the builder for us.

How do you feel about them now?Jendolyn@gmail.com


Interesting, Kristin Collins works for M/I homes now, she left Fisher Homes last year because all the complaints towards her. She will steal your money and will lie in your face, tipical behaviour from her to receive a commission.

Calhoun, Georgia, United States #1116108

Henry Fischer was using illegals to build their homes...the same thing is happening with all builders...they want the cheap labor...


We bought a Fisher home in Lebanon, Ohio.the customer service was AWFUL.

When my husband commented, this is the one thing we will ever spend the most money on in our lifetime, we should be able to get decent customer service-the response was-"We treat all of our customers this way, no matter how much they are spending on their house!" We still are shocked and laugh at how revealing that comment was even today-8 years later!


Run away from this company!! Your house will fall apart in the first 3-4 years... It happened to me!


I had terrible problems also. I would never buy anything from them again


I had worst experience in the beginning itself (as soon as I signed the contract).

The behavior for sale person changed and no proper support.


Good to know. I was going to look at their condo's in Northern Ky.

Not now

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