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We chose a lot on a cul-de-sac due to the size of the back yard and the view. WE were never told that our acre of lnad was a drainage basin.

WE basically built on a swamp. Water does not drain for a week so we cannot put a patio, play yard, trees or pool in our backyard. The super we worked with knew of our plans for a pool and never said a word!!!!! We have a $9000 wooden deck and I am sure it will be ruined in no time due to the water that sits in our backyard for days (sometimes an entire week) at a time.

We cannot let our kids back there to play due to mosquitos.

We cannot landscape. We were lied to and we are furious!

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We built a Fischer Home, and we had same issues of dishonesty. I was at the job site constantly and was a thorn in our construction supervisor's side.

So far no major issues, but I caught most issues in the process. Their response: "We didnt think you would notice that"..

That literally was uttered by the assistant superintendent. My reply: " I notice everything, so do it right>"

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