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Has anyone had problems with Fischer currently informing folks you cannot sign a contract to build unless your home is already sold? We are interested in building in a small community in Taylor Mill, KY. We've waited three months to pick out a lot, and was just informed Fischer is no longer honoring contracts with the contingency to sell your home. They initially told us we could sign a contract and then we would have 3-6 months to sell our home... Read more

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We recently put a contract on a home in Great Sky, a subdivision in Canton, Georgia.Their marketing strategy is to lure you in on a low price. However, once you decide to put a contract on a home the deception begins. The base house comes with no upgrades. Every basic thing you would presume comes with the house is an upgrade. We were told it would be considered an upgrade if we wanted a door on our master bath! Our price quickly rose from... Read more

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My wife and i have built 2 homes; with this being our second. Needless to say, the craftsmanship, and frequent cutting of corners in the construction process, as well as constantly pushing the responsibility or blame off onto someone else during the entire process, was a direct contribution to their terrible customer service. My wife and i have lived in the new home for 3 months, and with a cracked basement, garage, studs coming loose, short... Read more

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Fischer Homes is a Rip Off Builder that has been in the Atlanta area since 2014. They will make promises and repeatedly lie. The Sales Counselors are persuasive in trying to get you to buy these overpriced boxes. The foundation isn't solid and the home begins coming apart within a month of occupancy. Tell your friends, neighbors, love ones and anyone that will listen not to waste their time on having a home built by Fischer Homes. The stress and... Read more

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Bad experience. I'm looking for a new home and we had an agreement about the final price.and just when we went to the office to sign the contract they changed their mind and just raised the price $3.000, no fair explanation just they just decided and thats it. Hard to trust a company that not honor its word at least three days.

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I am also a very unsatisfied Fischer home owner in the Atlanta, Ga area.  Despite contacting the BBB and the company's corporate office for the problems I have experienced, I have constantly received negative results from the Atlanta area marketing president. My efforts to get the president of the company involved, were pushed back to the local level.  Like many others, I have thoroughly outlined the issues with my home and Fischer has patched... Read more

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Poor quality ineffective home builder!

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Our brand new home turned out to be an expensive fixer upper.... The days of repairs has disrupted our lives. If we had to pay for those repairs of things that should have been done correctly in the first place, we're sure they'd be in the tens of thousands of dollars. No quality control is used in the construction of their homes. They quickly build homes paying no attention to quality of fit and finish and try to push off fixing their errors... Read more

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I cannot believe how the sales person was stressing to sign a contract after seeing the market home less than a week.Whenni informed I had a Realtori was told that was never said in my first encounter and will not be honored. I felt like being pushed to sign a contract am not desperate to buy a house that is a market home when i seen it less than a week. Thats impulse buying and you cant do that about a house no return , no refund, no exchange.... Read more

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I guess I am lucky. I tried to set up a meeting with two different sales counselors from Fischer homes. One on the new Indiana property and another on the Alexandria, KY property. I did not get a follow up from either of them. I guess they really do not need to sell a home after all. thank goodness for the reviews, I will look elsewhere. I went through this with my first home in Texas and it cost thousands of dollars out of my pocket... Read more

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