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From staffing issues, to office staff, to contracted workers to quality of work, Fischer Homes is horrible!!!!!!! Do not waste your money or time. DO NOT BUY!!! DO NOT BUY!!! DO NOT BUY!!!

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The first year we had many problems occur. I wish we never purchased a brand new fischer home. Big mistake.

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My Henry Fischer home has multiple structural issues that are causing some major things to occur inside my home. The two most important issues being the entry foyer and kitchen floor has sunk by about an inch and multiple foundation cracks allowing water intrusion in my basement. I would not waste my money purchasing a Henry Fischer home.

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Do not, I mean do not sign a contract with these guys. They promise you everything but nothing is in the contract. Then as soon as you sign with a deposit, they start ripping you off. And if you do finish your home and close, everything starts to fall apart 1 year and 1 day after their supposed warranty expires! I lost $75,000 fixing things that should have been caught in the construction process. RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!... Read more

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They built the new atrium sign in middletown ohio on 3-1-16 AND ON 3-16-16 the piece of *** fell over two stories tall made of wood 12x12 square glad nobody was in the park it would have killed them go as cheap as you can yea fischer homes.

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Worst experience building a house ever. This is our 3rd home build and first with Fischer. Poor quality and weekly find more things wrong with the build. Horrible service. Cheap.

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Even though we love our home and haven't came across the 3 month inspection and I year. Our sales counselor told us that the woods behinds us is preserved land. However when we see a guy cutting wood in our back yard question arose. Long story short, There not persevered woods and when we questioned this car salesman, I mean counselor, he stated that he never said that!. We asked our neighbor what they were told and she was told the same... Read more

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We bought a home in Lebanon, Ohio from Fisher Homes. The customer service was TERRIBLE. My husband commented-to the company representative- that this was the single most expensive thing we will purchase in our lives, and we should be able to get at least mediocre service. The response was: "We treat all of our customers this way, no matter how much they spend on their house." My husband and I still laugh about how telling that comment was 8... Read more

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I tried to do my due diligence on Fischer before contracting with them, I am in the Atlanta division and they said the poor workmanship was only part of their start up issues. Wow, what a lie, these people lie to you and will never build your plan to specs or fix anything. Building with them was the worst mistake in my time as a homeowner. I have move much all over the country and have lived in 13 homes, and built several with production... Read more

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Fischer Homes Indianapolis sold us a home at a quoted price from the salesperson, we signed the contract, gave them our earnest money, then the next day, the salesperson said his sales manager said the special pricing given and contracted was only good through the end of December 2015. They wanted an additional 3% for the purchase price and wanted us to go through the contract process again. This to me is as close to bait and switch as I've... Read more

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